We specialize in all facets of IT staffing, consulting and staff augmentation.


Staff Augmentation

 Finding the right talent in the competitive IT landscape requires extra ordinary knack to identify and provide appropriate resources in the expected timeframe.  Our technique consists of evaluating the existing staff and determining which additional skills are required. One possible advantage of this approach is that it may leverage existing resources as well as utilize outsourced services and contract workers. 

IT Recruitment

We know you’re not just looking for an IT job but working on your career. We help you find and attract, potential positions. We hire enthusiastic, experienced professionals that have worked in the IT professional services and consulting environment. With a smart approach we will help you fill either permanent or temporary, project-based jobs with specific skills. We recruit hard‐to‐find IT talent, shorten learning curves for new technologies and reduce payroll and benefits costs.

IT Consulting

Whether you are looking for a long-term strategy or need help with a short project, we develop and manage both short-term and long-term projects through the complete life cycle of the project. We can help find the right talent for the right position. We will focus on advising your organization on how best to use IT in achieving your business activities. With today’s fast evolving world, IT firms are looking for right IT decision-making in terms of catching up with the changing trends and so we have a client-driven approach with a suite of IT services that includes professional advice in line with changing technological trends.

IT Training

We provide hands-on training and help you achieve your educational and career goals. Whether you are a student or an established professional, we have all the answers for your technical learning needs. Join hands with us and you can rest assured that everything you learn will be significant, complete, and will meet today’s job requirements.

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